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Machine Learning Crash Course

FREE 5-Day Online Training Course

5 Video Training Lessons with Coding Demos to Help You Start & Expand Your Machine Learning knowledge!

  • Build a Supervised Machine Learning model using Scikit Learn
  • Build a Machine Learning Regressor model using MLxtend
  • Build a Machine Learning Regressor model using XGBoost
  • Use Eli5 for Machine Learning model
  • Build a Machine Learning model using PyMC3

The reason we created this crash course is to help aspiring machine learning experts, like you, get a chance to find an easy path where they can learn this skill. There are a lot of people who are lost and confused because they don’t know where to start.

And, to be honest, there are a lot of nuances and confusing lessons that can dishearten those who try to become an expert in this field.

This is why we want to give you an easier path that can take you from zero to becoming an expert in this topic.

So, if you are one of those people who are always confused, this is the guiding light that will help you find your way. We will give you every piece of information you need to know so you can reach your aspirations.

Let the expert Machine Learning tutors teach you the tools needed to start (or expand) your Machine Learning knowledge!

Here is what you will learn each day: 

Day 1 - Build a Scikit Learn Model

Discover the Psychic power to create supervised machine learning models using Scikit Learn

Day 2 - Build a MLXtend Model

Get a glimpse into the way to use MLxtend to build machine learning regressor models

Day 3 - Build a XGBoost model

Boost up your Machine Learning model building skill using XGBoost

Day 4 - Use ELi5 for Model Explanation

Discover the physics of machine learning explained using Eli5

Day 5 - Build a PyMC3 model

Understand a different method of machine learning model building using PyMC3

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Excellent hands-on approach! It contains everything I needed to jumpstart my Machine Learning career.

The tutors are very thorough in teaching me all the basics. Python Profits did a great job in creating a course where you won’t be bored with the theories because you will be staying engaged with them all throughout the time.

Rohit - Student at LaTrobe University

Great practical course !!!

I have spent money and time on other courses, which have introduced a lot of theory. They clearly have their own benefits, but, this course is more enjoyable and engaging because there are a lot of mini-projects and exercises.

Preethi - Software Engineer at AKQA Australia

All of the explanations were clear, and you can tell the instructor truly cares about educating his students.

The course covers all the most fundamental and important topics in machine learning practically with just enough theoretical knowledge. This helped me understand the algorithms behind the scenes. I'm already using some of my new-found knowledge here at work.

Prabu - Programmer at Kongsberg Digital Norway

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