Want To Become A Top-Notch Machine Learning Developer That Big Corporations Will Always Scout?

Learn some of the frameworks and methods used by most industry experts that helped them achieve the success that they have today.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

  • We made sure that all lessons are available to tablets, mobile phones, and laptops. You can access them anywhere and anytime.
  • The lessons are carefully planned and simplified to make sure it’s easier for everyone to understand.

Be an Expert in Less than 30 days

  • All the lessons we’re created based on the information we got from various industry leaders.
  • These are some of the most advance methods and secrets that they use to become an expert themselves.

Not Just Theories!

  • We believe that experience is the best teacher. This is why we created lessons based on experience.
  • We’ve included assignments based on real-world situations so you can easily learn everything and apply them to your own projects.

Are you struggling to improve your Machine Learning development skills?

Do you feel like you’re stuck and never seem to become better no matter how many projects or programming you do? 

Does it bother you so much that you feel like your career is stagnant in this field?

Then, keep reading because there are no other places that can provide you the knowledge that you’re seeking…

(You can try searching google but I guarantee you that what we’re about to teach you isn’t available anywhere else.)

The demand for Machine Learning developers is rising.

In just a few years, more opportunities will open.

Soon, more people will start to pay attention to this trend and many will try to learn and improve as much as they can to become a better machine learning developer than others.

This means that you will have more competitors than ever…

… And if you don’t improve your skill, you will be left behind and be stuck in the middle of the pack where you’re undervalued and underpaid by companies.

So, if you’re feeling stuck and don’t seem to improve is not because you aren’t talented and fit in this field.

The reason for this is because…

You’re Probably Relying on Free Information Found in Forums and Search Engines!

To be honest, this is common practice for most people.

After all, you can find tons of information online just by using the right words…

However, some information online can be misleading and cause confusion and contradiction.

And if you think about it, trade secrets and important information aren’t just given away by industry experts for free.

This is why the free information that you get isn’t reliable.

Truth be told, machine learning development is a lucrative career.

You can earn tons of money because of your possible contributions to a business’s development.

But, if you fail to improve and become better, you won’t be able to maximize your growth in this field and…

You Will Be Stuck in Mediocrity and Never Be Able to Maximize Your Potential Earnings!

Companies like Amazon and Google pay professional machine learning developers around $140,000 annually.

Imagine, if you have the potential to earn this much, how much your life will change?

  • You will be able to pay off those bills and loans that you have with ease and never think about where to get the money to pay them off. 
  • You can buy your dream house and car without worrying about your credit score approval.
  • You’ll be able to travel anywhere in the world because you have the money to spend. And the best part, you won’t worry about being frugal during your travel. 
  • You’ll be able to save enough money to start your own tech business. Some of the world’s best started as an employee before they became an entrepreneur. With this amount of money, you might do it easier than others. 

If you want to reach your dreams, you have to make this work.

... And, you know, deep down, you want to make it work as well because you want to live a better financial life.

Your True Journey Toward Improving Your Machine Learning Development Skill Starts Here…

Prabu - Software Engineer at Kongsberg Digital, Norway

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You will never have to search every corner of the internet to find your way to improve your machine learning development skills.

This is why we are here to help people like you take the next step and become a top-notch professional.

We will share with you tons of information and secrets that only the industry experts know.


Our High-Value Training Program Is For:

If you’re any of these, then this program is designed to help you in the easiest and most efficient way possible.


who want to improve their skills without wasting so much time searching for answers on internet.


who want to become better in making data-driven decisions.


who want to become better in machine learning and data science.

About Us

We, at Python Profits, have a goal to help people like you become more prepared for future opportunities in machine learning.

The amount of data collected by businesses exploded in the past 20 years. But, the human skills to study and decode them have not caught up with that speed.

It is our goal to make sure that we are not left behind in terms of analyzing these pieces of information for our future.

This is why throughout the years, we’ve studied methods and hired experts in machine learning to create a training course that will help those who seek the power to become better in this field.

What We’ll Be Teaching You Has Already Worked for Hundreds of People so Far... 

Rohit - Student at LaTrobe University, Australia


"The course was very good and at times really challenging for me as a novice coder. But, there were plenty of notes that is why I was able to fall back on that or use the debriefing to code and then reverse engineer the script to understand. I really recommend this to those who want to learn more about Python and programming."

Preethi - Software Engineer at AKQA, Australia

"All of the lessons will provide you the necessary details so you can become more confident in your programming skills. So, if you want to master python, get this NOW!"

Anand - Technical Lead at Aricent Technologies, India

"There are clarity and conciseness in the information provided to make sure that all the lessons can be understood clearly and easily."

... and YOU are next! 

Here’s What You’ll Learn Through Our Training Program:

Module 1 - Introduction to the Course

Topics covered

  • Course Objectives and Benefits
  • Machine Learning Big Picture
  • Course Methodology 
  • Course BluePrint
  • Tools and Requirements

Module 2 - Scikit Learn

Topics covered

  • Introduction to Scikit Learn
  • Preprocessing Introduction
  • Standard Scalar method
  • Preprocessing Normalization
  • Feature Encoding methods
  • Dimensionality Reduction
  • Dimensionality Reduction using Principal Component Analysis
  • Principal Component Analysis Code walkthrough
  • Model Selection Using Optimization
  • Model Selection Grid Search Method Code walkthrough
  • Supervised Learning Introduction
  • Supervised Base model Code walkthrough
  • Clustering and Unsupervised learning
  • K-Means Clustering Implementation code walkthrough
  • Exercise1 and Code walkthrough
  • Exercise2 and Code walkthrough

Module 3 - MLXtend

Topics covered

  • Introduction to MLXtend
  • MLxtend API Overview
  • MLxtend Importing Steps
  • Classifier API and Model Building Steps
  • Classifier Model Code walk through
  • Math API 
  • Math API code walk through
  • Regressor Model Steps
  • Regressor Model Code walk through
  • Model Plotting and API
  • Feature Selection
  • Exercise1 and Code walkthrough
  • Exercise2 and Code walkthrough

Module 4 - XGBoost

Topics covered

  • XGBoost Introduction and Overview
  • XGBoost APIs Overview
  • XGBoost API Code walk through
  • XGBoost DMatrix Overview
  • XGBoost DMatrix Conversion Code walk through
  • XGBoost Parameters
  • XGBoost Model Training Steps
  • XGBoost Model with Scikit Learn API
  • Model Building Steps and Code walk through
  • XGBoost Plotting
  • Feature Importance
  • Feature Importance Plot code walk through
  • Exercise1 and Code walkthrough
  • Exercise2 and Code walkthrough

Module 5 - Eli5

Topics covered

  • Introduction to ELi5
  • ELI5 Architecture and API
  • Eli5 API Code walk through
  • Explanation of Weights and Predictions
  • Eli5 Implementation Steps
  • Eli5 XGBoost model Explanation Code walk through
  • Eli5 Explanations for Text Based Data
  •  Eli5 Text Based Data Explanation Code walk through
  • Exercise1 and Code walkthrough
  • Exercise2 and Code walkthrough

Module 6 - PyMC3

Topics covered

  • PyMC3 Module and API Overview
  • PyMC3 Modules and Highlights
  • PyMC3 Distribution with Model Code walk through
  • Generating Probabilistic Distribution using PyMC3
  • PyMC3 Distribution without Model Code walk through
  • PyMC3 Model Building Steps
  • PyMC3 Model Building Code Walk through
  • Exercise1 and Code walkthrough
  • Exercise2 and Code walkthrough

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We will teach you the advanced lessons that are not included in most deep learning courses out there. It contains shortcuts and programming “hacks” that will make your life as a deep learning developer easier.

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Bonus#6 - 1 Solved Capstone Project

You will be given access to apply your new-found knowledge through the capstone project. This ensures that both your mind and body will remember all the things that you’ve learned. After all, experience is the best teacher.


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Get Access To Our Training Course For Machine Learning Lessons for Only

$19.99 USD

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