Are You Ready to Master the Advanced Machine Learning CLASSIFICATION Skill That Will Make You the Expert Data Scientist You Should Be?

Then, you’ve come to the right place! I’ll tell you the CLASSIFICATION frameworks that the best machine learning experts use to help businesses solve the crisis they’re facing while positioning themselves as one of the top experts in the world!

Continuous Improvement

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Dear Seeker of Data Knowledge,

Are you struggling to improve your machine learning development skills?

Do you want to move forward and learn the skill that will make you a great data scientist?

If your answer is ‘Yes’, then continue reading because I’m about to share with you the machine learning skill that will take you from being a mediocre data scientist to an expert level.

Is Data Science the Next Big Thing?

According to a survey done by some experts, data science will be the next big thing for many businesses.

It is expected that at least 1.3 Trillion U.S. dollars in revenue will be generated because of this industry.

The reason? Data science will solve a lot of business problems and needs, which will make their whole workflow more efficient.

So, why is it important for aspiring professionals like you to learn about this?

This is because the industry is in its beginning stages…

Riding that tide as early as now will mean more opportunities for people like you.

What does it do with the opportunities mentioned earlier?

The answer: Everything.

You see, understanding the concepts of classification models and implementing them properly provides two major benefits in a business.

First, it helps many companies forecast the future demand for their products or services. This allows them to adjust their processes accordingly to make sure they can provide the quality they’ve promised to their customers.

Second, it allows them to fine-tune their operations and improve the quality of their products and services.

So, why is this important for businesses?

The simple answer is it greatly affects the revenue they generate.

The better problems they solve, the more money that comes in.

How Do You Benefit from this?

If you are looking for a lucrative career where you can earn a lot, then becoming a machine learning expert is the thing for you!

A lot of companies will be looking for the best data scientists, machine learning, or deep learning experts to help them in their business needs. 

And if you already have the basic knowledge of machine learning and deep learning, you are already ahead of the pack!

Now, this doesn’t mean they can’t catch up to you.

This is why the only way to stay ahead is to continuously improve your knowledge!

So, here’s the deal…

We want to offer you the chance to learn the advanced lessons that will help you use your machine learning and deep learning lessons easily in your day-to-day tasks!

What’s this next level?

I know this is your question…

You’ve always wondered what is the next step after learning the basics of machine learning and deep learning, right?

So, to answer this question…

The next step is to learn Classification Models!

If you’re unsure what this is, here’s a simple explanation:

Classification is a type of supervised learning. It specifies the class to which data elements belong to and is best used when the output has finite and discrete values. It predicts a class for an input variable as well.

Some examples of how this supervised learning is used are:

  • find whether an email received is a spam or ham
  • To identify customer segments
  • To check if a bank loan is granted
  • To identify if a kid will pass or fail in an examination

What’s in it for you?

Being able to use and maximize the potential of this supervised learning means things will be easier and smoother for many businesses. This is the reason they’re looking for people who have knowledge in using machine learning classification.

While there are a lot of courses and explanations about this online, none of them really explains the fundamentals of classification. It’s important to learn the basic concepts of this supervised learning so you can use it in a more conventional way possible.

And, if you really want to learn this, then what I am about to tell you is something you should read...

So, here’s the deal…

We want to offer you the chance to learn the advanced CLASSIFICATION lessons that will help you use your machine learning lessons easily in your day-to-day tasks!

The ONLY course you will ever need to take your machine learning knowledge to the next level !!!

Preethi - Software Engineer at AKQA, Australia

"All of the lessons will provide you the necessary details so you can become more confident in your programming skills. So, if you want to master python and machine learning, get this NOW!"


“Why should I believe in you?”

I know, I know. I get this a lot.

Honestly, this is probably one of the most ridiculous claims you’ve ever seen! But, I’ll tell you in a sec why we believe it!

Here’s the thing:

Most machine learning and deep learning courses will tell you they’re the best out there.

Once you’ve enrolled in their program, they’ll give you videos explaining the theoretical concepts behind the models used to create certain frameworks.

Now, the main issue?

They are too technical and difficult to understand!

They use terms that aren’t familiar to some, which makes their explanations for each topic more confusing!

Instead of helping their students out to become better, they instead become more confused.

Instead of improving, they regress.

And to make things more complicated, they don’t teach you how to use the knowledge they impart practically.

I get what you’re saying. But, nowadays, I can get free information online!

If you’re not aware, let me be the first to tell you this…


You can get little to no value from them.

You’ll only get the tip of the iceberg.

Imagine this, if you are an expert in a certain industry who spent thousands of dollars to master your craft, would you give your knowledge for free?

Let’s be honest, most people will say no to this.

After all, you’ve spent tons of money to get the information and knowledge you need.

Why join us?

There are tons of great courses out there.

But, the problem is, it is hard to find someone who is trustworthy in teaching you the ropes of becoming an expert in machine learning and deep learning.

They’ll tell you that they’ll teach you everything…

But, at the end of the day, you’ll only get a piece of the pie.

Now, the reason you should join us is that we’re willing to give you the whole pie itself.

We made sure that every lesson you’ll get from us is easily digestible by your mind.

We will be transparent with you to make sure everything we’ve promised is delivered.


Who Is This For?

Not everyone is cut out to be in this industry. We want to make sure you are passionate about learning regression models. This is why we only encourage you to buy if you are one of these:


who want to improve their skills without wasting so much time searching for answers on internet.


who want to become better in making data-driven decisions.


who wants to learn how to deal with numbers.

About Us

We, at Python Profits, have a goal to help people like you become more prepared for future opportunities in machine learning.

The amount of data collected by businesses exploded in the past 20 years. But, the human skills to study and decode them have not caught up with that speed.

It is our goal to make sure that we are not left behind in terms of analyzing these pieces of information for our future.

This is why throughout the years, we’ve studied methods and hired experts in machine learning to create a training course that will help those who seek the power to become better in this field.

What We’ll Be Teaching You Has Already Worked for Hundreds of People so Far... 

Rohit - Student at LaTrobe University, Australia

 "The course was very good and at times really challenging for me as a novice coder. But, there were plenty of notes that is why I was able to fall back on that or use the debriefing to code and then reverse engineer the script to understand. I really recommend this to those who want to learn more about Python and programming."

Prabu - Software Engineer at Kongsberg Digital, Norway

"If you’re looking to start a career in Data Science, Python, and programming, you should get their courses so you can fast track your progress as I did."

Anand - Technical Lead at Aricent Technologies, India

"There are clarity and conciseness in the information provided to make sure that all the lessons can be understood clearly and easily."


Here’s What You’ll Learn Through Our Training Program:

Module 1 - Introduction to the Course

Topics covered

  • 1 - Course Benefits and Tutor Introduction
  • 2 - Course Methodology 
  • 3 - Installation and setup

Module 2 - Classification and its Applications

Topics covered

  • 1 - What is Classification
  • 2 - Applications of Classification

Module 3 - Logistic Regression

Topics covered

  • 1 - Introduction to Logistic Regression
  • 2 - Logistic regression models in Scikit-learn
  • 3 - Exercise and Code walkthrough 

Module 4 - KNN Classification

Topics covered

  • 1 - Introduction to KNN Classification
  • 2 - KNN on a Kaggle data set
  • 3 - KNN Visualizations
  • 4 - Exercise and Code walkthrough

Module 5 - SVM Classification

Topics covered

  • 1 - Introduction to SVM Classification
  • 2 - Linear SVMs
  • 3 - Non-linear SVMs
  • 4 - Preprocessing for SVMs

Module 6 - Naive Bayes

Topics covered

  • 1 - Intro to Naive Bayes Classifiers
  • 2 - Comparison with SVMs on text data
  • 3 - Exercise and Code walkthrough

Module 7 - Decision Tree Classification

Top features

  • 1 - Introduction to DT Classification
  • 2 - Comparison with the other models
  • 3 - Visualizing Decision Trees
  • 4 - Hyperparameter Analysis

Module 8 - Random Forest Classification

Top features

  • 1 - Introduction to RF Classification
  • 2 - Comparison between DT and RF
  • 3 - Visualizing Random Forests
  • 4 - Hyperparameter Analysis

Module 9 - Multilayer Perceptron

Top features

  • 1 - Introduction to MLP Classification
  • 2 - Comparison to the DT and RF models
  • 3 - Hyperparamater Analysis
  • 4 - Exercise and Code walkthrough

Module 10 - Final Classification Showdown

Top features

  • 1 - Data collection
  • 2 - Results and analysis

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Bonus#6 - 1 Solved Capstone Project

You will be given access to apply your new-found knowledge through the capstone project. This ensures that both your mind and body will remember all the things that you’ve learned. After all, experience is the best teacher.


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Get Access To Our Training Course For CLASSIFICATION Models Lessons for Only

$19.99 USD

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